Thursday, September 3, 2009

Long time no see....

I know, I know...I am a horrible blogger. At my defense, it's not that I don't want to blog or even that I don't have anything on my mind because trust me I do. I have so many thoughts running through my mind that I have trouble falling asleep at night. Sometimes I wish it were insomnia, because then I could shut off my brain.
Summer has come and gone way too fast for my liking. I must say we had a low key enjoyable summer. We played at the pool quite a bit and got tan (although you wouldn't know it to look at us now). We went on our annual trip to Bear Lake. It's almost like we count down the days each summer until we get to go to Bear Lake and once we get there it's over. Playing in Bear Lake is always a blast for our family. We get to play with cousins and other family that we don't get to see all that much during the year. I am happy to say that there were no injuries this year...except for maybe a few legs and arms from being thrown off the water wienie. Fun had by all!!!
Another school year has begun and I am proud to say that we ( Grace and I) handled it much better this time around. As a matter of fact, she didn't want me to walk her into the school. She wanted to walk up the stairs to playground by herself. I must admit that it hurt a bit, but I toughed it out because I knew it was what she needed. I am also happy to report that the next day she wanted me to walk her up...I had to smile to myself because I knew that she needed me. It's like the Mama bird pushing her baby out to fly - she doesn't really want to push that baby out of the nest but she knows that if she doesn't that that bird won't survive. So I let my daughter take a step and she lets me know when she needs me. We both grew a little that day! :)
With Grace being in first grade now (sniff sniff) she's gone for a good part of the day, which leaves a lot of time for Tanner and I to pal around. It's actually really nice. We color, we read, we nap, sometimes we get on each others nerves...but all in all it's good quality time for the two of us.
I'm currently debating on whether or not I want to sign Tanner up for Karate and Grace up for dance. I truly believe that dance would be good for Grace. She took tap a couple years ago and although she enjoyed it she didn't really focus. I'm hoping now that she's older that she'll learn a little more discipline and confidence. There aren't a lot of options for activities for boys. I'm thinking of Karate because it's close by and I think he'll get a kick (a kick, get it...haha) out of it. We shall see.
I must end early, because I've got errands to run and my morning has run away from me. I'm hoping that my next blog won't take me months to post...I end with this ~ Enjoy the fall leave and crisp favorite season!


Alisha said...

Hey! Welcome Back! Thanks for the update. First Grade was a lot tougher for Ethan and I. But he is finally getting the hang of it. I can't wait to hear more about your cute family!

Maren said...

WHOOT! =) You're almost as bad as I am at updating hahaha. =)